Pavel 'Zlosynus' Klavík personal photo Pavel 'Zlosynus' Klavík
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Czech
Whereabouts: Chrudim, Czech Republic
Social status: Unknown
Companies: Forever Games
Hobbies: Programming in C++, mathematics, high-quality movies
Favorite programs: MS Visual C++ 2003.NET, Adobe Photoshop, BitComet, BSPlayer
Favorite games: Warcraft III, Colonization, Mafia, RPG (Baldur's gate, Gothic, Fallout)
Profession: High school student
Most hated: Windows, school, low-quality and wretched games

Soko-Ban Armageddon Soko-Ban Armageddon
Rating : [4]
Producers: Forever Games
"Pushing crates around has never been so much fun! Can you beat the warehouses in this game of logic?"

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