Soko-Ban Armageddon Soko-Ban Armageddon
Made by: Forever Games
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Lovely music and graphics
Very addictive
Able to skip levels
Some levels are very hard

Soko-Ban Armageddon is a freeware remake of the classic Sokoban puzzle game. It was released by Forever Games on 6 July 2005. 

You are a warehouse worker in your warehouse. You are surrounded by crates of radioactive waste, and you must move these crates onto the green lights. The thing is, you can only move one crate at a time. Moreover, you can only push it forward, not pull it back. 

It sounds a lot easier than it actually is. You have to plan in advance, and think about what you are doing. It is all too easy to accidentally push a crate into the corner, or to find yourself trapped.  It will keep you going for hours.

The level you are currently playing, the time you have taken, and the number of crates you must move are shown down the left.

The game is available in Czech or English. Make sure you run setup, and choose the English translation.

There are 250 levels in this game. For each level, you are in a weird-shaped warehouse.  You have X amount of crates to move onto the green lights. The crates light up when in position.

You walk around by using the arrow keys. To push a crate, just walk into it. If you have made a mistake, and cannot complete the level, just press 'R' to restart. Pressing 'ESC' takes you back to the main menu. 

Each level is well thought out, and makes you think carefully about how to move the crates. You cannot just rush in straight away, or you will get trapped. You have to plan ahead, and use logic. The levels start out quite easy, but get increasingly harder and more complicated as you get more and more crates, and have to navigate round corners and other obstacles. You get a good feeling of satisfaction when completing a level.

The game has a good menu system. It remembers which levels you have completed already. It lets you replay previous levels, and skip levels if you are stuck. This is good because it means you don't have to replay from the start each time.

There are various modes to play. Easy, Medium, and Hard are self-explanatory. Time Run is when you must complete the level within a time limit. Don't Move is when you must complete the level in a certain number of moves. Custom is where you can make your own levels.

The graphics are fun. The whole screen has an 'electrical' look to it, with wires showing through rusted metal. Your man is based in a warehouse, and is very well animated. His green rubber gloves and shoes are a nice touch. The radioactive crates flash when they are on the green lights. Sometimes, there is sparks flying from the top of the screen. 

The music is excellent - very 'guitary' and upbeat. This music plays throughout the game, with just a small gap before the next song starts.

You can hear the player's footsteps as he walks. There is an alarm sound when all the crates are placed correctly. This is to show that the level has been completed. Another nice touch is hearing sparks of electricity when you walk right. This is not essential to the game, but just makes it more interesting.

If you don't like the music, you can download the version without music.

The replayability in this game is very good. You can challenge friends (or even yourself) to get a better score. Who can do the level the quickest, with the least amount of moves etc?

This is an excellent remake of a classic game. You really have to think before moving the crates. The music is lovely, and the graphics are spot-on. The menu-system remembers which levels you have already played, so you don't have to start at the beginning each time. I highly recommend this game.

Review by: Frodo

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