Mathias Kempke personal photo Mathias Kempke
Age: Unknown
Nationality: German
Whereabouts: Germany
Social status:
Companies: None
Matt is a great fan of adventure games like the Monkey Island series.

The basic idea for What Makes You Tick was circling in Matt\'s head for a long time, but it wasn\'t until the LASSIE engine was created that Matt was finally able to make his ideas into realitly.

The game took a year and a half to make, and Matt worked on it at weekends and holidays from his university.

What Makes You Tick What Makes You Tick
Rating : [4]
Producers: Mathias Kempke
"Where is Dr Coppelius? And why is the University so interested in his whereabouts? These questions race through Nathan\\\'s mind, when he is sent to find the missing professor. But the biggest question of all is What Makes You Tick?"

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