Marti Wong Kwok Hung personal photo Marti Wong Kwok Hung
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Chinese
Social status: N/A
Companies: None
Contest Awards
2005 Best Computer / TV Entertainment Software Award - The 3rd Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Excellence Awards (HKDEEA),
Organised by Hong Kong Productivity Council, the Hong Kong Government
Game: Little Fighter Online
2004 Yahoo! Hong Kong Buzz Awards 2004 in TV Games Category
Organised by Yahoo! Hong Kong
(Little Fighter 2 is the game with the highest frequency of being searched on
Game: Little Fighter 2

2000 Third Place - The CSE Programming Contest,
Organised by The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

1997 Most Creative Award, Champion in Language Group - Computer Aided Learning Module programming contest,
Organised by the Education Department, the Hong Kong Government
Software: English Highway
1995 2nd runner-up - Computer Game Design Competition
Organised by Department of Health, the Hong Kong Government
Game: Oral Health

1994 Most Popular Program Prize - CDSC Computer Studies Project Exhibition
Game: Fighter

1994 Champion - Computer Game Design Competition
Orgainsed by ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption),
the Hong Kong Government
Game: Corruption City
Other / Extra-Curricular Activities
2005 Awarded the degree Doctor of Magic from the International Magicians Society
2004 Member of International Magicians Society
2003 Judge of Hong Kong Computer Game-Maker Challenge 2003, CUHK*
2002 Instructor of Game Development Workshop, CUHK*
2002 Associate member of Magicians' Association of Hong Kong
1999 Counselor of Orientation Camp of Computer Science Department, CUHK*

1998 Organizing Committee member of Orientation Camp of Computer Science Department, CUHK*

Little Fighter 2 Little Fighter 2
Rating : [4.4]
Producers: Marti Wong Kwok Hung, Ho Yin Starsky Wong
"Nothing like a little side scrolling butt kicking action after a long day, which you can vent out in Little Fighter 2"

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