Joakim Sandberg personal photo Joakim Sandberg
Age: Unknown
Nationality: German
Social status: N/A
Companies: None
My name is Joakim Sandberg and currently I am working as a freelance animator. Personally I think animation is a pretty tedious task, but if it pays, why shouldn\'t I do it? I don\'t mind getting more work offers.

Whenever I have free time to spare I like to make my own games. I\'ve always dreamed of making games professionally someday. I want to come up with more and more original stuff each time now. Bosses are what I like about games, basically. Coming up with them, making them, and seeing the end result. Bosses in my game Noitu Love have been well recieved.

Besides making games I like alot of different parts of the process on their own. Like drawing, spriting, making levels and making music. I am capable in most of those, except maybe music where I often end up in some sort of trial and error because I forget the melodies I had in my head... and of course, I have no education within music.

Noitu Love Noitu Love
Rating : [3.7]
Producers: Fallen Angel Industries
"Can you thrwart the attack of an evil professor attacking the city? Don\\\'t forget to watch out for the robot army too, in Noitu Love"
Chalk Chalk
Rating : [5]
Producers: Joakim Sandberg
"Chalk! repliche breitling Just a simple piece of chalk! Who would have thought it could be so deadly? You are about to find out just HOW deadly it can be.."

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