ImagiSOFT company logo
Established: 1992
CEO: Michael J. Prestwich
Whereabouts: Albuquerque, USA
Workers: Michael J. Prestwich
ImagiSOFT (Formerly Specialists in Financial Planning, Inc. - Renamed in 1992) originates from 1982 and is in Hublot Big Bang Replica essence a company that focuses on producing software for the life insurance industry. During the 90's the company also produced various games and other software products which are now available for free through their website.

Chinese Checkers Chinese Checkers
Rating : [3]
Producers: ImagiSOFT
"It's good classic board game fun with Chinese Checkers!"
Redhook's Revenge Redhook's Revenge
Rating : [4]
Producers: ImagiSOFT
"Well, shiver me timbers! There be good loot ahead, cap'n! Hoist the sails!"

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