Gabor de Mooij personal photo Gabor de Mooij
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Dutch
Whereabouts: Netherlands
Social status: N/A
Companies: None
My name is Gabor de Mooij. I am a cognitive psychologist working as a developer for an organisation that produces medical software. MechaniQue is my personal hobby project.I wrote it because there was nothing else to do that evening. I also wrote it because I wanted to practise my java skills. ;-) If you have any question... just mail me.

CoolDog Best Pocket Knife CoolDog Best Pocket Knife
Rating : [4.2]
Producers: Gabor de Mooij
"A dog and a mouse team up to get past obstacles and across many houses to escape unscathed, at least least until the next house"

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