Dzamil Kamanger personal photo Dzamil Kamanger
Age: 71 years
Nationality: Iranian
Whereabouts: Lahti, Finland
Social status: N/A
Companies: None
-Local culture specialist for spice trade.
-Pieces of his art featured pieces of work in collections
Helsinki City Art Museum
Lönnström Art Museum.
-Worked with Kalle Hamm in 1988 "Our collaboration began when we worked in the same pizzeria in a suburb in Helsinki"

Spice Trade Spice Trade
Rating : [4]
Producers: Kalle Hamm, Juha Holopainen, Sade Kahra, Dzamil Kamanger, Michiko Isogai, Goran Mrdja
"Kick it up a notch in the Middle East, and make your competition eat your dust as you claw your way to the top of the Spice Trade."

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