David Darling personal photo David Darling
Age: Unknown
Nationality: English
Whereabouts: England
Social status: Unknown
Companies: Codemasters
Websites: http://www.codemasters.co.uk/
David and his brother Richard set up their first games company in 1982, Galactic Software, when David was only 16 years old. replica watches

In 1984 they received the Programmers of the Year Award from Commodore. In 1986 they started Codemasters with their father Jim.

Dizzy: Treasure Island Dizzy (Codemasters) Dizzy: Treasure Island Dizzy (Codemasters)
Rating : [4]
Producers: Codemasters
"Jump in the shoes of a game legend in trouble. After all, being marooned on an island isn\\\\\\\'t all it\\\\\\\'s made up to be."

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