Dizzy: Treasure Island Dizzy (Codemasters) Dizzy: Treasure Island Dizzy (Codemasters)
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Dizzy is a legend
Nice cheerful music
You can save your game
Finding coins can be hard
Graphics are quite basic
Must register with Codemasters

Codemasters has released the C64 version of Treasure Island Dizzy onto the PC for free. The download has a built-in emulator. this means that you do not need any other software to play the game. Just download the game, install, and enjoy. Please note you have to register on the Codemasters website before downloading this game. Registering is free, so there is no real problem.

Treasure Island Dizzy is the second of the Dizzy games. I'm not exactly sure when this game was released as different websites claim different years. It was either 1987, 1988 or 1989.

As the game begins, you (Dizzy) find yourself stranded on a desert island. So why are you on a desert island you may ask? Well, according to Codemaster's website, Dizzy was on a cruise and he decided to organise a game of cricket. He used Captain Long John Silver's wooden legs as stumps. The stumps were lost overboard, and so Dizzy was made to walk the plank. Now you are trapped on this island, you have to find a way off and return home to your friends. 

So here you are on the island, and you want to escape. As you explore, you gradually realise that the only way off is to build a boat. However, this is not as easy as you first think. You need to collect items from the island to help you solve various puzzles. Things would be so much easier if eggs could breathe underwater, if only you had something to help you with that... 

When your boat is finally ready, you discover you also need to find some coins to pay the taxman! These coins can be hidden anywhere, even hidden behind scenery.

Do not have any other software running in the background, as this can affect the game when saving \ loading etc.

This game is controlled entirely by the keyboard. Use Z and X to walk left and right.  Jump by pressing the Shift button.  Control your inventory, and pick up items by using the Enter button. Simple as that. 

You are allowed to carry up to 3 items at a time. The items you are carrying are shown (in words) at the top of the screen, along with your score and the number of coins you have found.

Technically, you only have one life. However, with this version, you can save your game (woohoo). This is a welcome feature as, as one mistake can kill you. To save your game, press F9, then choose 'State', then 'Save'. Now type in a name for your saved game and press Enter.

Being a C64 game (at least 16 years old), the graphics are quite basic, but very good for their time. The whole game is very cartoony and colourful, which adds to the fun of the game. Dizzy himself can be quite annoying, as he never keeps still for a second. Even when standing still, his arms are constantly flapping.

The default music is not very good, and I suggest you change it. Press F9 and choose 'Options'.  Now click on 'Sound', then 'Sound Device'. I found Advance AC97 Audio to be the best option.

You can change between music and sound effects by pressing 'M'..

I liked the music very much. It was very cheerful and bubbly all the way through the game. It inspires you to keep playing right to the end.

I wasn't so keen on the sound effects. There is a nice 'spacey' sound when picking up an item, but those footsteps get very annoying after a while.

The puzzles are quite easy. It is mainly a case of 'take this item and use it on that object'. However, if it weren't for the save feature, things would be a lot harder. It is very easy to make a mistake like getting burned by fire, or drowning in the sea. This could be fatal with only one life.

Although the puzzles are quite easy, finding all the coins can be very tricky. Some of them are well hidden, and you have to search everywhere.

This is a very enjoyable game - Dizzy at his best. Nice simple graphics and cheerful music compliment Dizzy's style perfectly. The save-game feature is very handy, as you only have one life. Yesterday's retro gameplay combined with today's save-game technolegy - what could be better? Any fan of Dizzy will simply love this game.

Review by: Frodo

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