Buziol Games Software company logo
Established: 2001
Whereabouts: Poland
Workers: N/A
Website: http://www.softendo.com/
About our activity

Hello buddy! If you are here probably you want to know what exacly is the Buziol Games?
Well, Buziol Games is a game making activity. What does it mean? This is as simple as it sounds - We are a software makers, and mainly we\\\'re making any kind of games without 3d style like FPP (for example DOOM, or Quake 3).

Which types of games we prefer to make?
We prefer to make games in 2D environment using modern techniques and potential of current computers. You will find in our store platformers, arcade games, shoot\\\'em ups, space shooters, arcanoids, logical games, etc....

Mario Forever Mario Forever
Rating : [4.8]
Producers: Buziol Games Software
"Mario embarks on his longest journey yet, jumping, bouncing and much more in his latest adventure to stop King Koopa once again or at least till his next game"

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