Artificial Hair Brothers, The company logo
Established: Unknown
CEO: Thomas "Marvel" Dibke
Whereabouts: Germany
Workers: Christopher "kite" Grabinski, Clara Vath, Daniel "SmallSoldier" Carl, Jeffrey Wipprecht, Thomas "Marvel" Dibke, Wiebke "aeyol" Scholz
This company is responsible for the fan project Zak McKracken: Between Time & Space.

It was first released in German, then a few years later, was translated into English.

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Zak McKracken: Between Time And Space Zak McKracken: Between Time And Space
Rating : [4]
Producers: Artificial Hair Brothers, The
"Zak McKracken is taksim escort down on his luck, now that his 5 minutes of fame is over. But the enemy that hounded him before is back for revenge. Help Zak be"

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