Alkis Polyrakis personal photo Alkis Polyrakis
Age: 46 years
Nationality: Greek
Whereabouts: Athens, Greece
Social status: Rolex replica watches with Asian 2836-2 movement
Companies: None
This is me. Well, I was born in Chania, Crete island, Greece, on March 6th 1975. I had to change my residence every two years, because of my father's proffesion. So far I've lived in Chania, Larisa, Athens (in different suburbs), and Brussels, but never two consecutive years in the same city till the age of 18. I speak English and French. I currently live in Athens. I am an electrical engineer, currently working for a scientific organization.
I bought my first computer repliche orologi svizzeri when I was 11, it was the legendary ZX Spectrum + (48K RAM!!!!). In 1987 I got an Amiga 500, in 1993 an Amiga 1200, and in 1997 a Pentium/200MHz MMX. My current PC is an Athlon 2.4GHZ/512MB RAM. If you have any questions regarding the internet, or computers in general, don't hesitate to ask. My favourite team is AEK, I love computers and sports. My favourite writer is Stephen King, I have every single one of his cheap watches

Other Worlds Other Worlds
Rating : [4.2]
Producers: Alkis Polyrakis
"Many different worlds await the curious traveller as she searches for Alkis. Don't expect an easy ride though, puzzles aplenty await"

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