Final Fantasy VII: The Dark Cloud Final Fantasy VII: The Dark Cloud
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Interesting story
Final Fantasy sound/music
Not too difficult
Ends too quickly
Can save anywhere

When the adventure of Final Fantasy 7 had finished, some people wanted more; like with most RPG's it never finishes and you wonder ‘gee I wonder what would happen after the game. Maybe so and so, then they strike down the enemy, break into people's houses, and then…’ Well something along those lines, more or less. This case though we have a fan made game that takes place after the events of Final Fantasy 7. Much has happened since the defeat of Sephiroth but soon a lot will change. A well written story, complete with the Final Fantasy trademark sounds and characters from 7 and overall just a fun game, all wrapped into one in Final Fantasy 7: Dark Cloud.

Now if you have not played Final Fantasy 7 or are still playing it, you may want to skip this paragraph as I break down the story for the ones who have beat it. All right, so after the defeat of Sephiroth, Cloud has left his team-mates behind, but he is still troubled by his past and the question whether Sephiroth was really defeated. The other members of the team have also gone their own ways, but eventually with a disturbance in the land they unite again to discover this evil and try to find Cloud too.

Graphic wise the game is built on the RPG maker 2000. Therefore, the sprites and everything about the game is very similar to the old Super Nintendo Final Fantasy games. The game operates on a turn-based system of battle but differently from the Super Nintendo version's of Final Fantasy, in that you see the enemies from a first person perspective. In regards to the story, it actually is an interesting idea that works. Because it relates back to the original and builds on the possible ‘what if’ scenario that could have happened, so it is not out there and totally different that will make you wonder what is going on here. The Final Fantasy 7 sound effects and music all are used in the game. That was very nice to hear as  you head from town to town, you will recognize many of the sound tracks from each town. It really made this game, that much more of a true Final Fantasy 7-fan game. The difficulty in game is not too bad either and it should not be much of a challenge for most gamers to get into, just remember random battles are good.

There were only a couple of issues I had with the game: Number one is the game ends quite quickly. It was not as long as I was expecting and it ended at a part where it left more even more questions than it did answers. The other thing is that you can save anywhere. Now you might be thinking, ‘Saving anywhere, what is so bad about that?’ The issue I have with that is that in Final Fantasy you cannot save everywhere. If this was some other RPG that would be fine but save points, that's how it works and granted, it can also make the game much easier. As you can just save right before you come up to a boss and/or cheat in that sense in other ways.

Still this was a very interesting game to play and if you are a fan of the Final Fantasy 7 series definitely try it out and you will probably enjoy it. Its called Final Fantasy 7: Dark Cloud, check it out.

Review by: DeathDude

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