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Works great
Slightly long loading time

If you like comic books, or even if you are thinking about reading something, you should get it.
It's simple and effective, the design is not much to look at, but in the end everything works like it should.

The options are enough to keep you happy and not overwhelm you, you have the standard zoom functions, rotating (never understood why you would want it though), one or two pages per screen, and image filters (which for the life of me, cannot figure out what they do).

Navigating through the comics are easy enough, you can scroll, use the directional pad, or just grab the sidebar. From what I noticed is the scrolling and the directional pad are incredibly slow, so I would just go straight to the scroll bar.
Going to the next page is also simple, press the space bar to go to the next page, press Page Down, or going through the drop down menu. Going back a page is just Page Up or going through the drop down menu.

There also is a bit of a lag when loading the pages, it's nothing horrible or anything, but it is noticeable.

But overall it is a good program that gets the job done and done right.

Review by: Shadowslayer

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