VLC Media Player
Made by: VideoLAN Project
Website: https://www.noktashop.org
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Plays almost everything!
Simple, easy to use.
Low system requirements

VLC media player is the most versatile and powerful player available. It's free, open source, and available on many.. many operating systems. No matter the video file or music file, VLC will likely be able to play it. If I listed all the codecs this program can handle, this page would be awfully long.

Video and sound playback wonderfully, and full-screen mode turns your computer into a cinema. It's simple, but complex. If a video won't play, VLC will attempt to fix it.

Want a new skin? Go ahead and download one. There are plenty of options available. Plus the active community are always pushing out extensions, and updates.

Overall, VLC is the best media player money can buy.. and yes.. it's free. Go ahead and download, you won't be disappointed.

Review by: Nick

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