DOSBox Harekiet & Qbix talk about themselves and DOSBox
Date of interview: 09.05.2005.
Interview with: The DOSBox Team
Interview by: Michael Zymler (via e-mail)

You never knew DOSBox could be used like this, did you...

- How did you all meet up? How was the core-crew established?
- The core-crew knows each other since kinder garden, but became (best) friends during high school. (Core-crew consists of Harekiet and Qbix).

- Qbix and Harekiet, you are both Friesians, right? Now Friesians are always called cavemen... so just for clarity's sake: how in the name of Thor's Iron Toenails DID you manage to get hold of a computer?
- We got one from the cows for computers project. Our parents had to exchange our last cow for a mighty dos gaming machine.

- You both use nicknames, where did they come from? Are there any interesting stories behind them you'd like to share?
- Qbix: Qbix comes from Q*Bert. At the time when I didn't have computer, I saw the game every now and then (when loading commodore 64 games from tape). Unfortunately I never played the game as the owner considered it to be a dull game. When I had to come up with a name for myself: I used the Qb from Q*Bert and the (i)x comes from the board game mister X. (and it sounds quite nice).
  Harekiet: Harekiet comes from the name given to people from the village where I was born. It is generally associated with people that always carry around knives and are quick to lose their temper....which I like. And since at the time I got Internet there hardly seemed to be anyone from around here on the net I thought it might be a nice nickname.

- How did you come up with the name DOSBox, did it just pop up, or did you vote on what the name should be?
- It was just an accurate description of the project. Harekiet made it up, but it was never the ultimate name. So if we ever think of something better, we might change the name.

- When I look at the information page on the DOSBox homepage I see pretty much all systems can be emulated. So tell me, what's in store for DOSBox?
- Most of the basic stuff to handle most of the early dos games are all in place, so we're working on improvements for the most part.
Things worked on right now:
Rewrites of most of the code to get it more modular (so settings can be changed runtime).
Better svga support with more resolutions and more colors.
AVI Capturing.
Better compatibility in dos and cpu emulation.

Someday we hope to add:
SaveState support.
Cheat search support.
ROM-Like support of zipped games.
3DFX - Glide Support

- Since your program is used a lot in abandonware circles, what is your take on abandonware?
- We like playing old games and we can understand companies don't wanna bother releasing old games again since it's hard to provide technical support for them. That just shouldn't mean those games are just to be lost. Don't know if abandonware is the solution since the copyright holder wouldn't get any money from it but they aren't really coming up with any bright ideas for another system of payment either. So we'll just have to wait and see.

- Ninjas or Samurais?
- Harekiet: Ninjas for me, samurai's are too righteous.
  Qbix: Tricky question. If you had asked me that question a few years ago I would have answered the same as Harekiet, but nowadays the righteous is something I appriciate as well. At the moment the secrecy of the ninjas still wins.

- When did the notion of creating DOSBox first pop up?
- When I saw all the other emulators using advanced scalers to pretty up the graphics on the games I thought wouldn't that be nice to have in a dos game. And from there I eventually went to just making my own dos emulator instead of trying to add it to ntvdm or some other pc emulator. Another important point was the lack of all-purpose slowdown utility. (and it became more or less needed when win2k arrived)

Aawww... look how cute he is...

- The logo of your site is made up of Dune II screenshots, would you say Dune II is your favourite old game, or is that title reserved for some other game? If so, what game?
- Harekiet: The website wasn't made by any of us and - although i loved dune2 - it's not really a game I'd still like to play with the horrible interface compared to newer games. If I'd had to pick my favorite old game there's always one that pops into my mind and that's Bioforge.
  Qbix: Agreed. My favorite game would be C&C though (and CD-Man).

- How popular, would you say, is DOSBox now?
- From the coverage in some magazines, the download count, the amount of websites linking to it, I'd have to say it's quite popular. More popular then we expected when we started making it. (Because we made it for ourselves, but decided to let other people use it as well.)


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