Growing E-sports Organizations

In recent years, the gaming industry has made headway into the mainstream, becoming a central form of global entertainment. Today, the esports industry is a billion-pound industry that has attracted many investors, who now view it as an investment opportunity.

How Esports Players Make Money

The fastest growing form of entertainment across the world today is gaming. With more people considering it a viable career, it can be lucrative for the consistent players. A professional gamer can earn 46,409 Pounds per year. If you are very good at your gaming skills, you could walk away with millions annually, including extra perks, such as sponsorships and travel. Ways in which gamers make money include:
1.Regular Salaries
While not every professional gaming team offers monthly salaries, most of them do. In a survey done by, gamers can earn anywhere between 773 Pounds to 3,868 Pounds each month. Salaries are based on many things. For instance, the player should have a track record of success and the more the tournaments played, the higher the value.
2. Prize Money
In international tournaments, the prize pool of winners can reach over a million Pounds, most of which is absorbed by organizations as a form of revenue. The prize is then divided among players within the team, which is mostly comprised of about 5 players. A pro-player must, therefore, win in at least one tournament for recognition.
3. Bonuses
In addition to salaries and prizes, pro-gamers have the assurance of bonuses, particularly after they win. Each time a team wins, it is mentioned in various gaming communities, which then gives it media mileage.
4. Sponsorship
A large number of esports teams fetch their revenue from advertising and sponsorships. The revenue streams come in exchange for adverts on the jerseys, just like is the case in traditional sports. For instance, you will notice HTC the smartphone company and the energy drink Red Bull have sponsorships for Cloud 9, which is a top esports team. Not only do they offer salaries and bonuses but also freebies such as supplies and vacations.

How to Bet on Esports

Esportsbetting is a competitive form of video gaming that encompasses many games and genres. The common include, fighting and real-time strategy, multiplayer online battle arena and first-person shooter. Here are ways to bet on the games.
Money Line
This is the most common form of betting and the most traditional type of sports betting. Here, you only need to pick the side you believe will win the match.
This form of betting is the same as traditional sports betting. As a punter, you will need to make an effort to balance the chances of each side. It will mean giving the lower rank a positive handicap and the higher one a negative handicap.
Here, the bet must be placed on particular events under or over a number set by the bookmaker. The total will then vary based on each game. Before placing a bet in esports, know the game first. You do not want to spend money on a player or a team, such as, StarCraft or League of Legends you are not familiar with. If you are going to beat the bookmaker in esportsbetting, you need plenty of time to prepare, practice patience and put in a great deal of effort.


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