Forever Space Forever Space
Made by: Pinhead Games
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Fully voiced
Suspenseful, intriguing story
Wonderful graphics
Only 5 Save slots
Greg Winston has always dreamed of going into space.  Ever since he was a young boy, he longed to become an astronaut.  But his dad always told him, he'd need perfect vision to become an astronaut, and poor Greg needs to wear specs.  So his dreams were crushed at only 8 years old.  He'd never be able to go into space.  
Until today!  
Today, Greg, along with 4 other people, have been given the chance of a lifetime!  Today, Greg is flying into space!  
Greg and his fellow crewmates will be working aboard a space station.  And despite not having had any training on space travel, Greg is over the moon to finally live out his dream of living amongst the stars... once he arrives at the space station, that is.  
Greg and his crewmates will be monitoring subspace audio frequencies upon Capricorn Station.  Not a very exciting job... but it's out in space, and that's what Greg has always wanted.  So this will be his home for the next 3 years.  
But as Greg begins his new life among the stars... he begins to realise something.  He has big gaps in his memory.  He can remember stuff that happened years ago, but he can't recall anything from the past 2 years of his life.  It is just excitement that his dream has finally come true... or is it something else entirely?  
On the download page, a browswer version of the game is shown first.  You have to scroll down to see the download link.
Forever Space is a wonderful interactive story about Greg Winston, and it is told over the coarse of several days.  You can interact with Greg's world by using your mouse to click on items or people.  A context-sensitive pop-up box gives you a choice of actions to take.  For example, you can click on your computer keyboard, and you'll get the choice to either use it or clean it.  Click on a person, and choose to either look at them, or talk to them.  You don't have an inventory as such, but any items you pick up, will be available to use at the correct time.  
Pressing Esc brings up the game menu, which allows you to Resume, Save, Load, or Quit your game.  There are only 5 Save slots, which is a pity, but those slots can be re-used as many times as you like.  
Being an interactive story, there's not so much adventure elements involved.  But Pinhead Games have definitely succeeded in telling a fantastic, thrilling story that will keep you hooked until the end.  
Graphics are fantastic.  Strong colours are used throughout, giving it a slightly cartoony feel.  Characters are outlined in black, which really makes them stand out against the backgrounds.  When a character is talking, a small pop-up box appears, showing a small picture of that person, their name at top of the box, and what they are saying as text.  Dialogue options for Greg are shown as text at bottom of the screen.  
The game is fully voiced, and it's lovely to hear all the characters talking - it really brings it to life.  Spacey music is heard in the intro which sets the tone nicely.  When the team arrive at the space station, you can hear Greg's footsteps as he walks around.  The automatic doors kind of 'whoosh' open and closed again, which is really effective.  
Forever Space is a wonderful interactive story.  It's not very long, but what there is has been told beautifully.  It's controlled by the mouse, so it's easy to interact with everything.  But Pinhead Games has broken out of the usual 'adventure mold', and given us a slightly different  way of interacting with Greg and his world.  You don't have an inventory as such.  There's no control bar at top of the screen.  Instead, you click on something, and are given a list of options how to deal with that something.  If you click on a person, you would have the option to look or talk.  If you click on a door, you could choose whether to knock or just use it.  It's slightly different, and it really works.  You can Save your game whenever you wish, however there is only 5 game slots, which is a pity - I would have liked more Save slots.  However, you can be re-used as many times as you want.  I like how the characters are outlined in black, making them stand out against the backgrounds, and giving a slight 3D effect.  
If you're in the mood for a gripping story, look no further than Forever Space!  
Review by: Frodo

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