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Addicting gameplay
Great music
Not many environments

Get ready for the next generation of racing and combat. Pick your vehicle of choice, get your trigger finger ready, and prepare yourself for what is to come. In XG Arena, your goal is to get as far as you can in each track, all the while avoiding the robotic drivers whose goal is to destroy your vehicle. While the robotic driver numbers will start quite low, they will begin to increase in number, but luckily, you have your own weapon that will destroy those annoying drivers. With very addicting game play that will keep you coming back to see how far you can advance in the game, all the while aiming for that coveted high score and some great music to enjoy, all factor in nicely with the overall experience of XG Arena.

When you load up the game, you have your choice of different modes to try. If you wish to start the single player mode right away, feel free to do so, but make sure you change your controls from the default ones. You can also play with a friend on the same computer, as you battle to see who the top fighter is. If you choose the single player mode, your next choice is to pick your vehicle of choice to use in game; each one has their own strengths and weaknesses so choose carefully. You are then taken to the buying screen, where you can buy parts and upgrades for your vehicle, before you begin racing. You will get the opportunity later in the game, so choose what you would like to buy right now and plan what you may grab later on. Then get ready as the action starts, and you are on your way as the robot vehicles come at your vehicle.

Now as you begin moving across the track, the robotic vehicles will start coming at you with their limited numbers, so you have two choices either avoid them, or blast them. With each destroyed robotic vehicle, you get the chance of earning money, which you have to collect after the vehicle has been destroyed.  You may also get the chance of picking up different powerups that help to upgrade certain parts of your vehicles. There are such powerups as a shield refresher that restores some energy, a powerup that boosts the range of how far your vehicle can fire and even a powerup that gives you more firepower in the form of a robotic little gun that fires at the enemies. Once you advance 500 meters in each level, you will reach a checkpoint, where you will be able to buy more upgrades or refill your health, and even buy continues, in case you die. As you advance further, the enemies will start to increase not only in number but in difficulty as well, it will be quite a challenge to see how far you will proceed before you may die.

Graphically the game looks quite nice. The environments from checkpoint to check point remain the same throughout, but since you are busy blasting the robotic vehicles, you probably will not have time to notice the environment anyway. The gameplay of just blasting these robotic vehicles may sound tedious, but once you start advancing further into the game, you will soon come to realize that trying to stay alive and blasting these robots can be quite time consuming and fun. The challenge of staying alive long enough, and to see how far you can get, especially in the latter parts of the game, is where the motivation lies.

The music is quite good in the game; it fits nicely as you are blasting away the robots, and trying to get to the next checkpoint, the sound track is quite rocking. The sound effects too are on the mark, and do not seem to be out of place either.

The only concerns I had with the game was the lack of variety with the different environments, it would have been nice to see some variety from check point to check point, in terms of the area around, as you are blasting the environment, but still that's just a minor concern. The concept though of having to buy continues, felt could have been dropped. Even if there was the opportunity to say have one or two continues, would have been nice, but since you have to buy these, it does make the game even more challenging.

Nevertheless, this was a fun game to play and recommend it to anyone who is looking for some action and addicting gameplay, check it out for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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