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Fun gameplay
Cartoon style atmosphere
Features famous mascots
AI bot still in testing stage
Controls need getting used to
No campaign or story mode

I'm sure many of you have played the classic game, Worms. It's that simple gameplay consisting of using sometimes casual, sometimes crazy weaponary, and blowing your opposing teammates apart. But Wormux takes a very cool spin on the video game classic.

In Wormux, you get to play as a open source mascot, such as the mascots of GNU, Linux, FreeBSD, KDE, GIMP, OpenOffice.org, Firefox, Thunderbird, Suse, Workrave, NuFW and SPIP. But you don't need to be a tech-minded geek to understand these characters. Just knowing them as pigs, penguins, and birds are okay too. And I also should add, that the Wormux Team has done an amazing job on these mascots. They are very well designed. From showing different animation, to colorful grapics, I really do applaud the design team.

The game's environments are what you would except from a Worms clone. They are well designed, and destructable as well. Blowing up a cliff with a rocket launcher, and watching two of your enemy team members fall off the screen has never been so much fun. The download includes a small number of different maps, ranging from ice mountains, to hills made up of cheese. And you can also download maps from the Wormux website.

In the game, you can select up to 4 different teams, and up to 10 members per team, then you choose a map to battle on. It should be noted however, that if you wish for a team to be controlled by the computer, you need to name a team "AI-stupid". And yes, that name does fit the AI very well. Sure the AI will attack your team, and other opposing teams, but it's not too smart, and will sometimes blow itself up in the proccess (literaly).

The game's sheer gameplay is very fun - aim, fire, and watch what happens. But mistakes are not easily forgiven. Your own team members can also be injured (or killed) by your weapons. In fact, the game even has a "suicide" weapon, where you blow yourself up (and anyone around you). This weapon can be useful if your surrounded by opposing team mates.

Wormux also supports online multiplayer, typically each one using a different team. There are 2 modes: private mode (one must provide opponents own address and port) and public mode (an index server will publish your game). Public mode is the easiest to "pick up & play".  Wormux also includes a built-in team editor to make your own teams, which can be a lot of fun.

There are a few quirks though. First of all, the game's controls need some getting used to. The game has you switching from the mouse to keyboard.  But once you get the hang of it, you will flow with ease. Another note, Wormux does not have a campaign or story mode. But this is not too much of a big deal. After all, Wormux is mostly a "pick up and play" arcade game.

As for sound, the music is good, though sometimes repetive. And as for sound effects, the Wormux team did excellent work. From rocket's firing, to explosions, and all gun fire, the sounds are spot on.

Overall, Wormux can provide hours of fun. Plus you can play with your friends in the room, or across the world. And fighting against the AI is also fun, especially when each of you can control more than one team. If you would enjoy the Firefox fox fighting against the OpenOffice.org sea gull, and want a good laugh while blowing opponets to pieces, than Womux is definitly for you.

Now, go on and fight for your team.


Review by: Nick

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Cartoon Violence
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Unix-like, Windows, Mac OS X

Keyboard or Mouse
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