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Adds a nice twist to Breakout
Repetitive gameplay

Worms Breakout 2 is a game that manages to put together the classic Breakout gameplay with some elements from Worms, the popular game series by Team17. Just like in traditional Breakout gameplay, you have to use your paddle to bounce a ball so that it destroys all the blocks in the various levels without letting it sink

However, adding a twist to the game, you can also use some weapons from Worms to destroy the blocks, such as Bazooka, Mortar, Grenade, Cluster Bomb, Shotgun, Minigun, Banana Bomb and Holy Hand Grenade. These only hit the blocks and not you.

You get ammo from weapon crates which sometimes fall when you destroy blocks, as well as utility crates, which give you bonuses like Mega Ball or Paddle Add-On , and health crates, which give you extra score (you get a new ball for every 5000 points). And occasionally, a super sheep floats by the top of the screen. If you hit it, you'll get a super bonus like Armageddon, Crate Shower, Mole Bomb or Concrete Donkey.

The graphics and music are pretty well done, though they're not very important in a puzzle game. The game includes 30 levels and 3 difficulty levels, which should be enough to keep you occupied (at least I never managed to finish it).

Overall, this is a game that both Worms and Breakout fans should enjoy, and manages to blend both genres into a very nice puzzle game. If you're looking for a good time waster for your lunch break or whenever you've got nothing better to do, this is it!

Review by: SupSuper

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