Within A Deep Forest Within A Deep Forest
Made by: Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren, Sara Sandberg, Chris Denman
Website: http://nifflas.ni2.se/index.php?main=04Within...
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Interesting concept
Superb music
Nice challenge
Loose controls
Some annoying parts

Chaos will soon be upon the world, so the story says. An evil scientist decided one day to build a bomb of sorts, but it's not like any bomb that simply explodes and that's it. If he manages to detonate it, it will freeze the world! Forget some big explosion - we've got a freezing world that could happen. Imagine snow and ice all the time; madness! The scientist's first attempt to build the bomb, which failed, ended up creating a strange ball. However, the second attempt was successful. Can death and destruction be far behind?

In Within a Deep Forest, it is your goal to guide your little ball to safely foil the scientist's plot.  The game manages to succeed through its unique content, different game play and all-round great music. It even has some cut scenes; all-in-all it's a fun take on the platforming genre.

Graphically, the game excels with its nice-looking environments. Different colours are used for many of them, and you will see a great variety along the way. They all look nice as you explore them and although some of them tend to become repetitive, they still are interesting to see. In Within A Deep Forest, you control your little round ball and use the 'S' and 'A' buttons to cause this ball to gain height and allow you to proceed to new locations. The platforming part is there, as you will navigate many platforms, jumping and trying not to bounce too fast or too far. However, what is different in this case is that as you explore the different worlds you will collect new balls with different abilities. These include a steel ball which is heavy and can smash logs, but can't jump well, and a glass ball which breaks easily but can get past obstacles such as lasers. There is strategy involved later in the game where you will have to work out which balls you can use to navigate the areas.

Within A Deep Forest's music is superb, with different sounds and melodies used throughout. I found it very impressive all-round, particularly the variety of music across the different levels. You will always be hearing a new track in the game, and you really have to hear it for yourself to see what I mean. The difficulty of the game is at a good level I thought; you can change it between 'normal' and 'hard' but really, this is the sort of thinking game that will have you planning your moves rather than just proceeding quickly.

The only issue I had with the game was the controls - they are a bit unresponsive at times, and some of the different balls you use will really make you get frustrated. The frustrating element comes into play during some of the platform jumps, that get progressively smaller and tougher as the game goes on.  Those niggles aside, this is a very creative and different kind of game, and well worth a try.

Review by: DeathDude

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