Willy\'s Miner Nightmare Willy\'s Miner Nightmare
Made by: Space-Time Games
Website: http://www.spacetimegames.co.uk/
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Interesting concept
Great graphics
Hard difficulty
Music kind of annoying

Time for a little plan of action to occur. Your goal this time around, is to help our dear friend Willy, yup good ol Willy escape from his mansion, seems the mansion life isn't cutting it for him, as he navigates his way back to his old house. However, this typical mansion has what you expect a sort of treacherous way of navigating your way to the back entrance to escape, many dangers await you in Willys Miner Nightmare.

Therefore, you enter the shoes of our hero in this title, Willy as he navigates his way back to his old house near a mine, by getting to the back entrance of the mansion. But what's in his way is danger, such as razor blades, spiked plants, seals, and other obstacles, so Willy has to navigate his way through the dangerous mansion to get to the back entrance. Simple premise for this story but no matter.

The concept itself is mostly one of navigating your way from room to room, avoiding the obstacles, staying alive and getting as far as you can, obviously with the goal being the back door. Willy's only defense against all these obstacles is his jumping prowess. That is right, Willy is a superior jumper and using his jumping skills, he can avoid enemies. Showing those pesky enemies that they dare not mess with him, that and well he'll die if he touches an enemy . Graphically the game looks really well done, the environments are full of colour and the different enemies are filled with some nice textures, godo work on this front. Controls wise simple of moving with the direction keys and using shift to jump sounds easy enough.

The music in this game you will either find it amusing or you will want to turn it off right away. Luckily you have the option to listen to the game with music or without so it's your choice. As well this is another game that has a high difficulty level, actually some parts should be easy to navigate, once you get later and later into the game, that's when it gets really nice and difficult for ya.

Overall I had a fun time playing this old gem being remade, so give it a spin yourself, definitely recommend it, it's called Willys Miner Nightmare.

Review by: DeathDude

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Windows (DOSBox may be needed for users with Windows XP)
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