Vivid Conceptions Vivid Conceptions
Made by: Vertigo Games
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Interesting concept
Different abilities
Varied Puzzles
Can be hit only once

Its not always easy to come up with new ideas, especially when it comes to freeware titles, and not to mention with platforming games, which is quite the plentiful genre. So it is refreshing to see some new ideas and concepts being accomplished, when you play Vivid Conceptions. You have your little creature who you will be guiding through many levels of action and puzzle solving skills. There can be more than one solution to solving some of these and that's where the fun lies in seeing how far you can get, and just how to get past certain areas. With an intriguing concept, different abilities for your little character and some varied puzzles and fantastic music, what you end up with, is a complete package and a fantastic game to boot.

In this game, you take on the role of the last surviving bantam on earth. Its a little creature that may look harmless, but these little guys have some strong powers to unleash on the world. Your mission is to seek out the last refuge that remains on Earth. Along the way, you'll encounter different bugs and creatures that will attempt to thwart your progress and eliminate your kind once and for all. It will not be an easy journey, but you will gain new abilities along the way to help you fight against your enemies.

Graphically, the game looks great. While it may seem at times that the environments are quite dark, there is plenty of colour and detail in each area. Each one is unique and present different challenges for your little bantam. As well, the details in each of the stages from moving plants, to just the different features such as plants and such, is a nice touch to see. Your bantam will proceed through different areas, along the way earning new abilities to help in the fight against your enemy. You will start with telekinesis attack powers and soon acquire other skills such as moving blocks around using telekinesis again and some others that I will leave to you to discover. Each of these powers can be used to solve many of the different puzzles in a level; you will have to pick and choose which ability you wish to have for a particular level by collecting seeds. When you collect a certain amount of seeds, you will be able to upgrade to a power. Collect more seeds to earn another and so on. You do not get to keep the powers once you beat a stage, so you will have to do the process once again on the next stage, choose carefully when you collect your seeds, for some puzzles can simply be solved via brute force, while others will require more tactful thinking.

The music and sound effects are also excellent in this game. The music adds greatly to the mood as you play the louboutin pumps game and never seems to overshadow the action on screen. The sound effects also fit together nicely with the action on screen and do not generally feel out of place in most cases.

This game can be quite challenging, especially in the later stages. Considering your bantam only can be hit by an enemy once before they die. Never fear though, for you will be able to restart that particular level once again and try your luck and beating the stage. Women just need Louboutin Pumps.

This was a fantastic game and definitely enjoyed exploring the different worlds in the game and trying to solve some of the puzzles in the game. So check out Vivid Conceptions and see it for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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Safe for all ages
Windows, High Performance version and low performance version (runs game at 640*480, available)
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