Victory Road Victory Road
Made by: Kevin Robinson
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Great graphics
Similar to Daytona USA
Interesting tunes
High difficulty
Crash camera feature

With some games, you can see certain influences where games may draw upon during development. Depending on the genre, there have been many cases where this happens. This is again the case with this game Victory Road, which draws influence from one of the most well known and well-respected racing series by the name of Daytona USA. This game series which made it's start in the arcades, took the idea of arcade racing and expanded upon the other racers of the time, and it also had some really good graphics at the time, to boot. What we see with this game is a definite similarity to Daytona USA and it does the job excellently. With some great graphics, the similar style to Daytona, and some interesting tunes make this a very fascinating game to see.

Controls can be set in the option menu when you first start up the game and really is not many to memorize. Other than the standard accelerate, brake, and turning keys. You can also set the difficulty and change some display options if the game does not run to smooth on your system. Then once your all set up you can start racing away, first by picking the first course, and then your car. At first there is only one course and you have to unlock it by placing in the top 3 of racers and if you place 1st you can also unlock a bonus car. So the game makes you work a bit at first but adds to the challenge.

The game is very reminiscent of Daytona USA, from the cars in the race, to the environments that are drawn upon it, granted it still looks pretty good by today's standards. The similar style of also play control is very similar to Daytona, by way of steering and the actual courses themselves. The reason being, is that there are checkpoints that you have to pass as you race, which add to your total time, and if you run out of time, that's it for you and you have to start anew. So there is the added challenge of making sure not to wipe out and or slow down too much, it is all about quick reactions to whatever comes. The music as well is interesting I thought to listen to, very similar to the arcade style you might expect to hear. However, you will not be paying attention to it that much at first with the quickness of your racer and trying to get to 1st place.

This brings me to the difficulty of the game. It is hard no question about it, since it is based off Daytona USA, you have a limited time to race and cannot just fool around and explore, your under a time limit. Since the game was first developed for the arcade that would explain many things such as the time limit. So this adds to the challenge, but as well, the other racers and just getting used to the tracks can take some time. So be prepared that this is a challenging game and may take you a few rounds to get used to the courses and especially the turns and more. Personally though was not a huge fan of the crash camera feature. What I mean is whenever your car crashes, it will end up bouncing around as if it has some sort of springs on it or something. It does this for like maybe 8 seconds then it activates the matrix cam to show your car in mid air crash mode. Just seemed a bit excessive I thought and would have been nice if it could be skipped.

Overall this was a great racing game I thought and other than the difficulty, if you put some effort into it you will reap the rewards. So check out Victory Road for yourself and see what it is about.

Review by: DeathDude

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31,9 MB
Multiplayer modes:
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Safe for all ages
Windows 98/Me/00/XP or better operating system
- Direct 7X or Higher
- 64 MB RAM or more
- 32 MB 3D accelerated video card
- 200MB Hard Drive Space (80 MB required for game)
- 600 MHz PIII processor minimum (1000+ recommended)
- Joystick or other game controller recommended (Digital control)
- Internet service required for Score Merge feature.
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