Ultimate Chuchu, The Ultimate Chuchu, The
Made by: Scream681
Website: http://www.powow.com/scream681/games.htm
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Lots of Action
Fun Platform Game
Great music
Some cheap enemies
Repetitive background

The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming! Run to the hills, take evasive maneuvers! Okay maybe going a bit overboard, but that is the premise of this game. Yup, the aliens have decided to invade Earth again! What is this? Try 1000? But anyway the task falls on you, the heroine for this title to stop them from their goal of conquest, their small goal of conquest mind you... Enter the world of The Ultimate Chuchu! (Winner of the Cheesiest title in my opinion)

So like I said before, the aliens are invading earth and it is up to you to stop them, simple enough premise right? Well the aliens have brought along vehicles and other surprises to ensure you won't stop them easily, mind you these aliens are tiny little ones but they still can damage you even though you are bigger than them. Course our heroine isn't going to sit idly by and see this happen, no she's going to break out the weapons and start shooting some alien scum! She is not going to let some pint-sized aliens try to take over that easily.

Graphically the game impressed me, it is sort of a cross between a cartoon style and some nicely rendered backgrounds, it is different from the norm and it looks nice overall, very nice work by the developer. However, some levels use the same background rendings, and well, it would have been nice to see at least even a bit of change rather than reuse them, but not a big issue. Musically the game excels again with some nice techno like tracks that play, really gets you pumped up as you blast away the aliens in their vehicles, rock on. Controls are easy enough to, moving with the directional keys, jump with the up arrow key, use the left mouse to fire and control button to change weapons, not a problem to master them. Between levels too, you can use the money you collect by defeating aliens, to heal yourself or even upgrade your armor or health or even your weapons, so collect those coins whenever you can.

The enemies themselves are a bit cheap sometimes as they fire away at you, and can be hard to aim at the small little aliens was really the only concern I found in this game. The bosses are challenging and should present you with a challenge. Still this was a very fun game that I enjoyed to play and it was full of action and challenge along the way, so check out The Ultimate Chuchu and see for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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