UFO 2000 UFO 2000
Made by: The UFO2000 Development Team
Website: http://ufo2000.sourceforge.net/
More info: -

Enables multiplayer for X-Com
Contains new skins & buildings
Needs X-Com 1 or 2 to work


Now this is interesting.....
Good old UFO: Enemy Unknown... as multiplayer?

I was just as shocked ;)

UFO 2000 can NOT be played by itself, so it REQUIRES UFO: Enemy Unknown and/or XCom: Terror From the Deep. If you already have one of these (or both) the installation program will do everything for you, and you are soon ready to rumble. If you don't, you can download the game demos from the developer page, or you can download the full versions at Abandonia.

There are two play-options; Hotseat (two players share a single computer) and Multi-player over the net. The latter uses its own lobby-server, where players can chat and challenge eachother. At this moment it is limited to TWO players, but it's a game under development and much can still happen.

The game itself takes place on a map of your choice, and there are many different terrains to choose from. Also, you can select and equip a team of up to 15 soldiers (including Mutons and Grays). You can equip these heroes as you wish using all the original armor, and most of the original weapons (there are no weapons from Terror From The Deep available).

Once on battlefield, you start, as in normal UFO, with a black playground. You must then explore it, and at the same time defeat all enemy soldiers. You have a narrow FoV (Field of View), and it's easy to miss enemies, something both Kosta and I have learned the hard way ;)

There is a REALLY good "readme"-file in the game, and it's suggested that you read it before playing, as there are essential functions you might miss if you don't.

Review by: Titan

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Violent content and weapons usage.
Safe for ages: 13+
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