Great characters
Good graphics and music
Nice humorous tone
Some difficult puzzles

The titles say it all, really: Two of a Kind is a game about crime... and cute fluffy animals. The Walters twins Tim and Tiffany are working on their first case. Well, OK, maybe it's not their first case, but it's definitely the first interesting case Walters & Walters' Detective Agency has seen. At first it only appears to be a mysterious theft from a museum, but the twins soon discover that it's a bit more complicated than that, and it seems that the secretive Baron Bovino has something to do with the theft...

You control both of the twins and can switch back and forth between them. Most things can be done by either twin, but some puzzles can only be solved by using their special powers. (Yes, it sounds a bit silly, but everyone in this game has a secret power. Tim can float a few inches above the ground and Tiffany can talk to animals). This aspect of the game reminded me a bit of Day of the Tentacle; as in DotT, each character has his (or her) own personality. I have to say I could identify more with the ever-sarcastic Tim, but for all I know, some people might actually prefer his terribly naive sister Tiffany who loves all things cute and fluffy and has an exceptional talent for annoying people through her constant use of baby-talk. But then again it's hard to be angry with her... Most of the other characters are very nicely drawn as well, particularly Dr Love, who spends all his time at the bar getting drunk.


The graphics in the game are nice and slightly cartoonish. They're a lot better than you might expect from a freeware game, and so is the music. Unlike most other freeware adventures, Two of a Kind even has a decent length and may actually keep you busy for several hours. Not everything you can interact with in the game serves a purpose, by the way, but I suggest that you try talking to everybody and looking at everything so you don't miss any of the funny comments. For example, you can try letting Tim (who happens to be a KISS fan) talk to Dr Love. Or let Tiffany talk to Fishy. Or let both look at the Rice Girls poster outside the bar.


Two of a Kind is one of the best freeware adventures I've ever seen, and definitely the best which was initially released as freeware rather than commercially. It deserves top marks, so if you like humorous point-and-click adventures at all, you should download it straight away.
Review by: A. J. Raffles

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