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Who doesn't love a good trivia challenge game? How about competiting against your friends, for free?
Trivia Crack is a fun take on trivia mixed with social elements. Best of all, you can contribute to the trivia question bank and get credit for submitted questions, which adds to the charm of the app. Trivia Crack can be played in two ways, classic or challenge mode. In the classic mode you will play against a single opponent and try and gain all six category emblems before your opponent does. To gain an emblem you’ll need to first answer three trivia questions correctly, do so and you will be presented with an additional challenge question in the category of your choice, answer correctly and you will be awarded the emblem. The challenge mode of the game is much like the five question duel when you attempt to steal emblems from your opponent. Need help? Stuck on a question?
There are six areas you can answer trivia questions about: Entertainment, Art, Sports, History, Science and Geography. Another notable feature of this app includes the question factory section where you can rate and translate questions submitted by others and submit your own questions. You can also share the game with friends to earn additional games.
The game is completely free to play, and can give you hours of fun. Being able to compete with your friends around the world really adds to the gameplay.
You can visit the Trivia Crack Walkthrough for detailed instructions on how to pass through the game smoothly if you're stuck.
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