Triumph War 2099 Triumph War 2099
Made by: Darksun Games
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Lots of action
Interesting idea
Great music
Only one team member sprite
Hard challenge on default sett

Being the leader of an army is never easy. Especially when the war you are fighting is against bugs! Not typical soldiers, but some sort of alien bug that really is never explained.  Still, you got to fight them as that's what the game is about. Using your army at your disposable, and thanks to regenerative leader powers of sorts that ties into your army's numbers, you have to fight these evil (perhaps misguided) bugs and, well, kill em all. Plenty of action and strategy elements to plan your attack, and some great music, with different sorts of obstacles make this an interesting game.

There really is a limited sort of story to the game. You get some mission briefings before each mission and they sort of guide you in a way on the events of what's happening. More often than not, it's just eliminating all the bugs, or switching on a switch, and that is the jest of most of it. Still you have much to see, blast, and collect on your journey through the nine missions.

There is always plenty of action on screen throughout the different missions. As you lead your troops to blast the bugs and explore the different worlds completing the objectives, you can collect many different power ups. Ranging from different weapons, grenades and even such things as reinforcements, air strikes and ground support like tanks to aid in your battles. Your troops are not invincible and you will need many more to help in your battles ahead. The bugs are not the only things you have to destroy. You also have to destroy their spawning nests as well. There is some great music tracks to hear and most of them fit very well and do not distract from the action on screen. The graphics are also very nicely done with very detailed environments. Well mostly in the later levels you will see.

Only one sprite is used for your team and sometimes it can be confusing to see where your character is when there is so many of the same sprites being used. Maybe a different sprite could have been used, but understandable with the amount of action on screen why this was chosen. As well on default difficulty, the game is really challenging.  Especially when it takes 10 seconds to respawn your character and your troops are dying it can really be annoying to have to start over especially the first few missions, when you don't have enough merit points to continue.

Other than that, this was a very cool game to play and really is interesting to see. So check it out, it's called Triumph War 2099, a very interesting play for the thinking mind.

Review by: DeathDude

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Hot Seat
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