Toy Trouble Toy Trouble
Made by: Brainsmash Interactive
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Interesting idea
Can use own CD's as music
Easy to start playing
Only 4 robots to choose from
Fairly small environments

Time to get ready for robot combat! Well okay, perhaps I should say time to get ready for some mini robot combat, not the big sort of mechs you might expect. Still it is robot combat where you try to defeat your opponent with whatever you can find. You have your choice of different weapons that you will use to take out your opponent and win the day for your country. Okay maybe not your country but least for yourself to feel pride in winning or something along those lines. In Toy Trouble, you essentially fight between yourself and another robot for supremacy; you have to win two matches in order to emerge victorious. With an interesting idea that is presented here, plus you can listen to your own CD's while you play and some different modes make this a nice complete package for this game.

No story to speak of in this game, just some robots who decide they want a fight till one stops working mostly and up to 3 rounds of action to see who will emerge as the top bot. Controls are shown to you when you launch the game. This is where you can edit your choices for how to move, switch weapons and even, which button to jump. That is right your mini bot can jump for freedom, or least to avoid your opponents and their weapons.

The concept of these robots fighting is interesting to see as you do not see this type of action often. Moreso with the type of robots used in this game and the actual combat is different than in other types of games from the same genre. The movement of the robots and all the commands are done very easily and it should not take you long to get into the game and start blasting the other robots away.  You also have your pick at three different modes to choose from. Arcade, where it is just you and an opponent and you go as far as possible. Survival where you try to survive the longest from your matches and see how far you go before you get defeated. Finishing off with Time Attack where you try to defeat your opponents as quickly as you can, trying to get that elusive fast time to show off. The great option in this game is that you can listen to your music CDs while you play. In addition, since there is no music in game, then this is a more advisable option to least have something to listen to besides the sound effects from the robots fighting.

There are only four robots to choose from at the start of the game. Although they have their differences in strength and jumping ability, would have been nice to see more. In addition, some of the areas you fight in I thought was a bit small. I am not expecting huge levels but perhaps just a bit bigger for the combat element, dodging and more. 

Still this was an amusing title and if your looking for some mini robot combat, then look no further than in Toy Trouble. See it for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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10,4 MB
Multiplayer modes:
Age rating:
Safe for all ages
Pentium II 350 or higher
32 MB RAM (64 MB Recommended)
8 MB Graphics Card (16 MB Recommended)
32 MB Hard Disk Space
DirectX 7.0a or higher
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