Total Sokoban 2 Total Sokoban 2
Made by: George Adam
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Addictive gameplay
Beautiful music and graphics
Thousands of levels
Very hard
Can ultimately get repetitive

If you like games that give your brain a good workout, then this is the game for you.  Total Sokoban 2 is an addictive puzzle game created by SuperSoft in 2008.  The aim of the game is to push boxes onto specially marked areas.  Once the boxes are in position, then they will turn green.  Sounds easy, doesn't it?  Well it's not!  To make things more complicated, you can only push one box at a time, and you cannot pull boxes.  Sometimes, you have nearly completed a level, only to realise that you made a mistake somewhere, and that last block is impossible to place. 

Each level is well thought out, and gives you a good challenge.  Things start out easy enough, but it soon gets harder and more complicated.  You have to navigate boxes around corners. Other boxes frequently get in your way, and have to be moved - just be careful where you are moving them to!  Don't just dive in straight away, or you are sure to make a mistake.  Plan ahead, take your time, and think carefully about what you are doing.  You will get a good feeling of satisfaction when you have completed a level.  This is a HUGE game, and trying to complete it all at once would be impossible.  Luckily, the game remembers which levels you have done, so you can start again from where you left off. 


You control a wee multi-coloured circle, and this circle is used to push boxes around.  The game is mouse-controlled, which is unusual for a sokoban game, but I actually prefer this method to the standard arrow keys.  Simply click on an area of the screen, and if there are no boxes blocking your circle, then it will move there.  It will even walk around any obstacles that are in it's path, which is very clever.  To push a box, make your way to the square before it (providing there is nothing blocking you), and then click on the box to move it.  Repeat this as many times as necessary to 'nudge' the box to wherever you want it.  Remember, you can only push boxes, not pull them. 

There are a whopping 9868 levels in this game for you to try, and they can be played in any order you like.  If you have made a mistake, simply right-click the mouse, and you have the option to undo as many moves as you like.  You can also choose to restart the level, if you prefer.  There is menu on the left that allows you to Save a game, Load a game, jump to any level you wish, try the next level, or go back to previous level, or even quit!  What a lot of options! 

The game has a built-in editor, which allows you to create your own levels (as if 9868 isn't enough, lol!), and it can be fun to see you levels in action, and challenge you friends to play them.  It also gives you the ability to load your own midi files, and BMP & JPG backgrounds.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get this to work, so I don't know how effective it is.


The graphics are colourful and fun to look at.  You control a multi-coloured circle, which constantly rotates, as if it is eager to get moving (heehee).  You must move boxes onto specially marked areas that happily flash away.  Boxes that need to be moved are shown as red, but boxes that are in place are shown as green, so it's very easy to see where you stand.  The level you are on, as well as number of moves you have made, time you have taken, and other info is shown as the top left of the screen, for your convenience. 


You can hear beautiful classical music throughout the game, and somehow adds an air of calmness.  The music changes occasionally, so you get a nice variety, but each piece of music is quite long.  The sound effects are appealing, and fit in well with the game style.  Your multi-coloured circle 'clicks' as it moves, and you can hear a funny 'splodge' sound when boxes are moved. 


This is a fun, but very tricky puzzle game, which makes you think hard.  The idea is simple - push boxes onto specially marked areas.  The reality is so much harder.  Luckily, you can skip to next level if you get too frustrated.  The whole game seems very polished, and has a 'professional' feel to it.  There are thousands of levels to keep you occupied for a long time, and there is also many options to skip levels, save games, load games etc.  It even runs under Vista!  Graphics are bright and colourful, and a pleasure to see.  Music is soothing, and sound effects are very appealing.  All in all, a fine Sokoban game that I highly recommend.

Review by: Frodo

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