Titan Omega Revelations Titan Omega Revelations
Made by: Satan Sam
Website: http://satansam.co.uk/blog/?page_id=14
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Lots of space combat
Great music
Includes detailed cut scenes
Some annoying enemies
Hard challenge

Time to get ready for some space combat as you and your team has to go in search of a dangerous and destructive core.  Its aim is to destroy the earth. Not the earth, why is it always the earth.  Why couldnt it be Jupiter for example, just floating there taking up all that space. Just kidding of course.  Anyways, you and your team will travel across the galaxy, taking out the different enemies and obstacles in your way.  There is plenty of space combat, some great music, and cut scenes that further explain the story, as well as lots of different game modes make this a pretty complete space combat game.

The story of this game is pretty detailed, and would definitely take longer than a paragraph to explain it. To sum it up more or less, it is about a destructive core that is planning to destroy the earth.  Thats where your team comes in  - to prevent such an event from occurring. Controls for the game are actually detailed on the second screen you pass as you load up the game.  Also, in order to advance the scenes, press the control key since pushing escape will just boot you back to your desktop.

Graphically the game looks pretty good, although it is not easy to pay attention, with all the enemies you have to face in the game. The environments change from area to area, so you will not be seeing such similarities at first. You will be thrust into combat right away with your team mates backing you up.  On the harder difficulties things will get harder, including on the hardest level, where its just you against everyone without backup! Craziness, but as this is the case with most games of this genre, the harder difficulties really shows your space combat skills. The music that plays in game is also stellar, I thought.  It really added to the whole experience, and I believe that is a key factor in these kinds of games.  You want something to listen to that wont distract you, but builds the mood of the level you are playing.  This has been accomplished here. Also the numerous modes that you can unlock in this game are something you will have to work for. You can also play over the net or over a LAN connection is you wish, its pretty broad the amount of features you can experience in this game.

Keep in mind though the challenge of this game is not easy, and there are some frustrating areas that you may have trouble with, but keep at it. You do have unlimited lives, and the opportunity to purchase different weapons, defensive parts, and even different ships to give you an advantage over your enemies. You will find this shop after you die and then you can purchase whatever you can afford.

Overall this was a great space combat game that excelled in many areas, and definitely recommends that you check it out if you're a fan of this genre, so check out Titan Omega Revelations and see for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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