Time Slaughter Time Slaughter
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Lots of offensive content
A few hidden secrets
A good stress-reliever
Gameplay is simple, no-frills
Lots of offensive content...

Time Slaughter isn't exactly a masterpiece. It's downright clunky compared to most fighting games on the market, and even when you compare it to the original Street Fighter II from '91. What does it have, though? Well, mainly, blood. Tons of it. Literal oceans.

The story's not really Shakespeare caliber, either. A scientist makes a time machine, and some demons who don't like people messing with time come in and chop him up. He manages to send them away and replaces his missing parts with machinery, becoming the cyborg known as Portal. Then he summons warriors from across time to do... to do... I don't think they ever say.

So, as one of 10 warriors from different periods in history (plus a few secret ones), it's your quest to beat a variety of internal substances from the other 9 fighters. You accomplish this by using your 3 punch buttons and your 3 kick buttons, and a few special moves. Also, this being one in the deluge of Mortal Kombat clones back in the mid 90's, you get fatalities. Other than that, though, there's nothing much to add. No flashy super attacks, aerial combos, multi-tiered stages, or silly minigames.

I am probably being a bit harsh, considering the size of the company who made it. It's a competent fighting game, if not very original. So, compared to a lot of other fighting games, there's a lot better, but there's a lot worse.

Review by: Bobinator

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Extreme blood & gore, Offensive content
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