The Impossible Quiz 2 (Mobile Game) The Impossible Quiz 2 (Mobile Game)
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Fun questions.
Little replay value.
Some unfair questions.
The Impossible Quiz by inXile Entertainment blurs the line of frustration and entertainment , and when you accept the challenge of playing you do so knowing it won't always be fair.
Playing the game involves being taunted with touch-to-respond answers that require alot of thought. There's not as much of a dependance on "what am I thinking" logic puzzles and more of a dependance on "guess randomly" answers sometimes. In fact, you're better off finding answers online. Sure, that doesn't make them clever or in fact puzzles at all, but this is all about dancing between humor and frustration and not about who has a high level IQ.
The art is fairly free-form and matches the quirky style of the quiz. As always the greatest fun comes from handing something like The Impossible Quiz 2 to a friend and watching them give it a go. It's a fun conversation starter. Have a friend that is bashing their head against a wall trying to figure out the next question? Get all the Impossible Quiz 2 answers for iOS from App Help Guru.
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