Tango Strike Tango Strike
Made by: Fallen Angel Industries
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Squad based combat
Music full of suspense
Some interesting missions
High difficulty
Increasing number of enemies

As an incident erupts, there is no time to waste. Gathering your team mates you grab your weapons, and your tools to perhaps save some hostages, diffuse a bomb or relay a transmission to headquarters, there is much for your team to accomplish in Tango Strike. Guiding your team of two operatives besides yourself, you find that where danger strikes, you are one of the last hopes to save the world as always and to make a difference. Tango Strike takes squad based combat and tries a new approach, which happens to succeed quite well. In addition, with some suspenseful music to add to the mood of the game and some interesting missions, you get a very interesting game wrapped up into a nice little package.

An evil tango army has risen and is now inflicting its evilness across the world. By kidnapping, plots of destruction and bombs of course. Therefore, it is up to an elite team to step in to counter the threat of the tango army, stop their plans, and bring peace and order to the world again. The story line sounds very Rainbow Sixish but bear in mind that it is a squad based game so it has to draw inspiration from somewhere.

There is a nice tutorial when you first start up the game that will guide you through the controls. So make sure to pay attention to all the points raised in the tutorial. If you wish you can come back to the tutorial in case you missed anything. Graphically the game looks okay, nothing special or fancy but pretty simple. Still, with this kind of game and the action that happens, that may not be a bad thing either. The game does a nice job of performing the squad based combat element. You have three team members total, including yourself.  You can switch to any other of your team mates at any point in the game by pressing the number 1, 2 or 3 buttons to make the switch. Each member has it's own strengths and weaknesses. Some may be better with weapons, while another may be better at using different tools, like covert decoders and toolkits. So you have to plan out your plan of attack to ensure that everyone can be protected and get to your objectives without losing anyone. Even if you do, the game continues until all your team has been killed or if you fail to complete an objective in a certain amount of time.

The game also has some great music to go along with the action; it will keep you alert to the action all around you and the enemies and different obstacles that will cross your path. The missions themselves also are varied and although simple at first, get progressively more challenging as the game continues. Missions get longer and you encounter more enemies and more objectives you have to complete to stop the evil tango army.

The challenge is actually pretty high even for the first level, so do not be discouraged. It will take some time to get used to the movement of your characters and the different objectives you have to complete, so if you put your time into this you will soon be excelling in the game. I did find it discouraging that as you proceed farther and farther in the game you end up fighting more enemies. Thought this was a bit much, as even if there were a certain set number would be better than just increasing the enemy count.

Nevertheless this was an enjoyable game and did the job nicely with its take on squad-based teamwork and combat. So if you are looking for those types of game or want to try something new, check out Tango Strike and see for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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