Sydney Treads the Catwalk Sydney Treads the Catwalk
Made by: Ivan STVAN Dixon
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Intriguing storyline
Nice looking cut scenes
Humorous dialogue
Similar music reused

When we last saw our friend Sydney, he had finally made his way to talk with the head of the CBD, which was trying to eliminate homelessness and unemployment in the city. As we see Sydney in the sequel to Sydney Finds Employment, things have certainly changed for him. He is the host of a new TV show, and a magazine has also been put out, but unfortunately things are about to pick up pretty soon for Sydney.

After only two episodes Sydney learns that his TV show is not doing very well in terms of ratings. Sydney’s boss, Keith Corps, tells Sydney he has only one more chance to improve the rating of the show or else it will be, dun dun dun, canceled! Keith tells Sydney that he should go check out the show that he will have to beat in the ratings, which is the fashion show that airs at the same times as Sydney’s.

Therefore, you must now go forth, scout out this fashion show and see what you can do, perhaps intimidate the competition or maybe even borrow some ideas. It’s up to Sydney to see what he can do, along with some of his friends that will discover some interesting elements along the journey.

I have been looking forward to this game for a while, ever since I played the first game: Sydney Finds Employment. I really enjoyed the work that went into the sequel and I like some of the additions that were added to the game. I was also glad to see that elements such as the humorous dialogue were still present, just as funny as before, along with the new storyline.

Many of the characters you encountered in the first game return, along with some diabolical new ones to face Sydney this time around. Overall each character has their own unique personality and each has his moments within the game that are set out and defined relatively well. Some characters are defined and written out really well within the game and others not so much. Overall, however, you should really enjoy the characters you encounter in the game.

What is really nice to see this time around are the really good looking cut scenes and close-ups of the characters during some of these. Ivan Dixon, the creator of the game, has done a great job with all the graphics, especially with some of the newer areas that you will see. I really enjoyed the addition of cut scenes to the game and while there may not be a lot of them, each one of them is nice to look at and simply adds to the overall enjoyment of the game.

At first I was a bit torn about the story, however as I was playing through each of the different areas I really started to like where itwas trying to go with a particular idea. It works very well and by the time you reach the end of the game, it has really managed to be drawn out and executed quite well in the grand scheme of events.

The music in the game is quite nice to hear, especially in some of the newer areas. You will hear some of the older music tracks in some of the areas that are reused and I would have preferred maybe a bit of an update to them but they still work and I did enjoy listening to them again.

Overall, if you have been looking forward to the sequel to Sydney Finds Employment and have been hoping for good things to happen, you will not be disappointed with this game: Sydney Treads the Catwalk. It is a solid sequel, with many of the elements you have come to love from the series. From the great graphics and music, to the funny writing and quirky characters, you definitely should check out this adventure game if you are a fan or if you’re simply looking for a great freeware adventure game to kill some time with.

Review by: DeathDude

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