Sydney Finds Employment Sydney Finds Employment
Made by: Ivan STVAN Dixon
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Intriguing story
Music is alright
Funny dialogue
Some puzzles are difficult

It seems that Sydney has enough troubles already being that he lives on the street; hes homeless, has no job, and lives in a cardboard box - things cant possibly get any worse, can they? Well they can, and things are going to get much more interesting. What you will discover in Sydney Finds Employment is an interesting adventure game that has a unique story, some funny but sometimes rude dialogue, and generally alright music to listen to as you explore Sydneys world and see the troubles and problems he has to deal with.

The game begins with Sydney sleeping, but he is soon awakened by another individual. It appears that business, religion and politics have all teamed up to wipe out homelessness and unemployment in a plan they call "the final solution." Sydney however, feels that he should take it upon himself to stand up to these big three and fight for his friends, and perhaps land himself a job in the process. However, before he can even consider talking to the bigwigs in the CBD and express his views he has a bit of work to do.

Graphically, the game looks alright. It is not the fanciest graphics around, but it does fit nicely with what is happening on screen at any time, and with the general feel of the story. The story is pretty interesting in itself, in that you control Sydney, a homeless person, who has to work his way up in order to finally be able to meet with the head of Business Corp in the CBD and perhaps stop this "final solution" from even taking place. It will not be easy for him, but Sydney takes on the difficult task anyway.

The music is generally alright. It does repeat in most cases, but it is very relaxing to listen to and theres nothing really crazy that will make you want to turn off your speakers. Again it fits with whats happening on the screen and just fits the mood of the game adequately.

The dialogue has a certain charm at times as well, while occasionally it can probably be seen as rude or even offensive. However, thats just Sydneys character in the game, so one should not take it that seriously. It adds a bit to the character of Sydney, being a person who has not had much education and can't read. He is generally alone in his opinions.

The puzzles themselves can be a bit difficult to solve at times, but most are straightforward. They will take you a fair amount of time, especially some of the later ones, but just keep plugging away at them and you will be able to solve them soon enough.

All in all this is an entertaining game. If you are a fan of adventure games you should check this one out. Its called Sydney Finds Employment, see it for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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