Sunset Over Imdahl Sunset Over Imdahl
Made by: Teo Mathlein
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Intriguing story
Absorvent atmosphere
Colourful graphics
Really short

The city of Imdahl has been under siege for over 8 months. A little 13-year old boy wanders the deserted streets of the city after tending to his now deceased mother for several days. The siege has stopped after all inhabitants of the city, except this little boy, have been killed by the plague. Struck with grief, this kid wants to do everything he can in order to settle this. A mysterious man sends him back in time in order to prevent the plague from spreading in the city. Could the boy save the town in a race against the seasons?  This is the begining of Sunset over Imdhal, a really unusual RPG

The first thing you notice are the graphics, all of them drawn by hand, while characters are pixel painted in RPG maker in the usual way. This combination works really well, the backgrounds are captivating and they are truly delightful to watch during all the game.

The music of the game is from Vivaldi’s four season’s.  Each season-song for each season you visit creating a different atmosphere for each season - the optimism of spring, the happiness of summer, the sadness of autum and finally the desolation of Winter.  The sound effects are also good enough, and sounds are well placed to help to create the atmosphere in each season.

What makes Sunset Over Imdhal an unusual RPG is the gameplay.  There is no leveling or fighting in this game.  After all, the main charácter is a 13 years old boy!  He has to save the city with intelligence and reflexes, finding and solving mini-games (for some of them you need to be really quick). Also, the time travelling across the seasons lets you solve some problems in imaginative ways.  There are no levels and no battles, and this places the game between RPG and adventure, each player can put the game in one of those genres, depending on each one opinión. 

If there is a negative point in Sunset over Imdhal is that the game is very short. The walkthough is quite simple and you can finish it in a few hours. I think there are no easter eggs (at least I haven’t found anything) and story won’t change with your destinations, so replayability is low.

In conclusión, this is a little masterpiece that all lovers of good well narrated stories and interesting graphics should play


Review by: Raangar

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