Street Bike Fury Street Bike Fury
Made by: Current Logic
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Lots of action
Good effects and graphics
Extremely challenging
Only two music tracks

Sometimes you want to play a game where you can just jump right into the action - no wasting time on reading instructions first or strategic planning, just simple action. Street Bike Fury fulfils the goal nicely. It's all abou motorcycle combat. That's right, you will be using your motorcycle to blast, crash and drive your way through the city as you escape from your enemies and try to get as far away from them as you can. Sounds simple enough, right? Maybe at first, but the further you go the tougher it gets, which is why you have to stay alert at all times and remember happy shooting.

A game of this type cannot do without a short typically cliche storyline: Our hero, Nitro, was supposed to take some money of questionable origin to this boss. It turns out that he doesn't actually have it, so after the boss orders to attack him, Nitro escapes on his motorcycle, gun in hand, and drives away. This is how our journey begins.

Street Bike Fury excels in what it is aiming for: action aplenty. There is always something in your way or coming at you that you will have to deal with: other bikers, copters, exploding barrels, loitering civilians and so on. Depending on how you react to them, the different methods you use to shoot a biker or whether you manage to find a new path, you'll get points, and these points are all added up at the end. The game uses a sort of exploding score similar to Grand Theft Auto 2 to display the score you are racking up as you progress through the game. It may be a bit distracting, but if you are engrossed in the game, you may not even notice it. Controls in game are pretty simplistic, and before you start the game, a nice menu shows you the controls you need to know before you start, which is handy. Finally, the game's graphics look pretty good overall and the effects, like for example explosions, look fine.

The game only has two music tracks, but they are real tracks! That's right, real musical tracks with lyrics, which fit the game perfectly. Although, if you have to keep replaying from the beginning, hearing the main track may start to get irritating after a while. This game is fairly difficult, with all that action taking place on the screen. It may take you a couple of tries to get the hang of the game, until you can really start to rack up some high scores and get far. If you like, you can submit your highscore online to see how you compare to others - cool.

Street Bike Fury was an enjoyable title which I liked playing. It really is a sit down and have some fun type of game - and sometimes that's just what you need. So give it a shot and see for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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Violence, blood, swearing
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