Stranger by Night Stranger by Night
Made by: fivetrickpony
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Interesting story
Excellent music
Great atmosphere feeling
Game really short
Slow walking speed

Prepare yourself for the mystery and challenges you will face in the game Stranger by Night, as you take on the role of Katrina Rose as you try to outwit a murderer in this adventure. The music and graphics really add a lot to the feeling of the game and the atmosphere that is created as you play through the game is really strong, really giving that sense of feeling trapped and not having much time to act, before you could be next!

In this adventure, you play the role of Katrina Ross, a reporter for the New York Times, these past few months a murderer has been on the loose killing young women, the authorities are having no leads or anything relevant to find. One night though, Katrina receives a call from a woman, who claims to know information regarding the murderer, and thus later on Katrina agrees to meet with the women at her home. When she gets there the nightmare begins as now Katrina must outwit and outsmart the murderer and escape with her life.

Graphics in the game are done with a nice style, they look very well done and occasionally there is the odd cut scene that uses a different graphical style, so that was interesting to see being used. The actual environments and such are done nicely, not too detailed but still it conveys the perfect mood and feeling for this game. The music and sound in this game is very well done; the tunes that play as you explore the house are all very creepy and certainly add a real sense of fear and pressure on the user. As well, the sounds you hear while moving around in the house really give it that unique feeling you come to expect from a horror game, the screams and such for example. However it's still done very nicely and effectively I felt and I loved it. Puzzles in the game were definitely challenging as well, as they do require you to think and use your brain, as they aren't always in plain sight of your objectives.

The actual length of the adventure really isn't too long and that was a little disappointing to see as once I started playing and got to the end I wish there was more to play and experience. As well the slow walking speed was a little annoying, but not unbearable or anything, so that was a minor issue. Other than those two issues though I really enjoyed this game and thought it was really well done, it certainly may give you a scare or maybe not. Still overall, this is a really effective game that creates that mood of the whole horror sense that you see, so check this one out if you're an adventure fan and see for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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Blood, graphic scenes, language
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