Stargate Adventure Stargate Adventure
Made by: Sektor 13
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Interesting story
Great music
Good presentation
Some tricky puzzles

My how space has changed in so many years. Oh wait scratch that, well we are in the Stargate universe where things are really different from the modern day, where travel to different planets is common and different races exist to explore. However, things soon change for the Stargate team when trouble arises again from one of there past enemies. In Stargate Adventure, you get a faithful representation of the series if you are a fan and it combines with great presentation, a very interesting story, sweet tunes and much more for you to enjoy.

After a successful mission, the Stargate team is returning home having defeated the evil being known as Anubis. The team defeated him in the past but he was never truly defeated, as most evil beings never can be for some reason, so they can be used in future games of course. Therefore, the Stargate team is called to a mysterious planet to see what awaits them and where their adventure begins.

First off the story is actually a lot more detailed than what I have said, it really is more detailed and really you'll see when the intro starts off and you get the long text that fills the screen. It will bring you up to speed on what is going on, and if you are a Stargate fan and have watched the television series than you'll be right at home. If not, it still gives you an idea of what's going on and is described very nicely. The story fits in with the whole of the Stargate stories that have been used and was just well written all around. The music is good, sounds very well done. Very good tunes were used and really fit the atmosphere of the game and the different levels you play in. Very nice job done on the music, one of the high points of the game I thought. The presentation as well, from the menus to the different areas was all polished and looked great. The menus and replica watches are easy to follow and really, the interface chosen worked well too.

The only thing that I thought was a problem was a couple of the puzzles which really were a bit tricky. Really makes you think on them but they are beatable and just take a little extra effort to solve.

If your looking for a high quality adventure game, look no further than with Stargate Adventure, which excels in many areas and really is a very awesome game that you should check out.

Review by: DeathDude

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