Spooks Spooks
Made by: Pen Turning Mandrel
Website: http://www.xiigames.com/spooks
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Interesting storyline
Funny dialogue/writing
Cool characters
Music is okay

It is not always easy to come up with something new and original especially in the adventure genre. Many ideas have been done so often but it is refreshing to see new ideas being taken in different directions. Which we can see in this next game. Spooks is the name of the title and we can see a great deal of effort went into this title. From the excellent story, to the different and interesting characters that inhabits the world of our main character Mortia. To just all around excellent writing and funny dialogue, and even very interesting and unique puzzles, make this a very awesome adventure game.

The start of the adventure begins at the Carnage-Val, the carnival where there are rides, games and more for the undead. As our main character Mortia begins to explore the carnival, she eventually gets an offer from one of the carnies to try her hand at winning a prize at darts. With her last throw, she manages to get the bull's eye and win a prize! That prize turns out to be a goldfish, which the carny tells her that it needs to stay alive. However, Mortia has no clue what it means to be alive and neither does the carny who closes up shop. So begins the tale of finding out what she must do in order to keep the goldfish alive and find out what the meaning of the word alive really is.

First thing right away that you will notice is the black and white graphics. Keep in mind the game does take place in the land of the undead so what were you expecting colour? Wells anyway the choice of black and white colouring makes total sense and really, it has been done very nicely all around, with the different scenes and areas, you explore. There is plenty of attention to detail and all around a nice job has been done.  As well, the storyline is very intriguing and really draws you in to the different events that are going on besides Mortias mission. It is also done in a very humorous fashion I thought and just made the game that much more enjoyable. The characters you come across too all have their unique personalities and are interesting to encounter for the first time and subsequent visits. From the fallen angel, to the devil at the gate, each of them has their unique traits that were pretty interesting to see. Finally the writing and dialogue that has been written is very well done and very funny I thought with Mortia's sarcastic humour done very well and should give you some laughs. My dream is that I will have a Best Self Balancing Scooter.

The only thing that I thought was okay but not great was the music. Its okay and fits in for the most part with what's going on, but probably could have been better. But how to choose the best self balancing scooter online?

All in all though this was a very enjoyable adventure game and highly recommended that you check it out if you are a fan of the genre. It's called Spooks, and definitely worth a try.

Review by: DeathDude

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