Speed Thrasher Speed Thrasher
Made by: Joe Lesko
Website: http://www.joelesko.com/
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Unique concept
Great music
Quick pick up and play
May seem short
No story

Grab your board, strap the skateboard to the back of a sports car and what do you get? No, not a disaster waiting to happen, not in video game land at least. What you get is an interesting concept where the goal is to guide your little skateboarding daredevil friend.  Shall we see, as he tries to go for the insane tricks that only you can imagine being strapped to the back of a car. In Speed Thrasher, what you get is a fun pick up and play title that only takes seconds to get into. In addition, some great tunes for the ride as you try to nail that high score, and of course, not be arrested while doing it.

No real story to speak of in this game, main point is to get that coveted high score so you can show it off and such. Why is there a skateboarder trying to be so reckless and such, and surprisingly, not managing to get his skateboard wheels destroyed by this interesting idea, who knows and it'll always remain a mystery I suppose.

The game first off has a very cartoony sort of style. It's not the most impressive but since it's an arcade type of game it does the trick, and really it does help the game run more smoothly especially with this sort of premise of points and such. Not a ton of variety in terms of the environments, mostly the same greenish grass road you're passing but understand why there would not be much of it. This sort of idea is unique and really, the only other game that comes to mind for me at least would be Skitchin for the Sega Genesis. Except you were on roller blades and you used the cars to help gain speed. So somewhat similar but not really. There are only 2 musical tracks in the game I noticed, and they do the job very nicely with the action on screen, so good to see.  Sound effects are present and accounted for as well. From the grinding of the skateboard on cars or rails, to the explosions of the cars from your invincible and indestructible car as well, all there for you to see and hear.

Although the action is fast and you need quick reflexes once the cop has come that is where it really becomes harder. If you crash your car into the cops then it is game over for you.  So you have to be careful and drive well carefully so not to crash, easier said than done. Still lack of story hurts the game a bit, although not really needed in this type of game since all the action is so fast. However, even something small would have been better than nothing, but oh wells no worries.

Still if your looking for a fast game to start playing, this will do the trick even if you need to kill time for a few minutes. Speed Thrasher fits the bill very nicely, so check it out and see for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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