Soldat Soldat
Made by: Michal Marcinkowski
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Lots of maps and weapons
Exhilarating gameplay
Rocket boots!
Registration popup at startup
Can get a bit chaotic

Get set for one of the most addictively violent games you have ever played! Soldat is an Action game that puts your killer instinct to the test and, I assure you, will send you into a killing frenzy while laughing a maniacal laugh.


You have a weapon and you use it against anyone who wants to kill you, got it? Since the game is mostly for multiplayer use, there is not much of a story, if any. It follows the trend of other commercial action games where a story will only make the game more cumbersome. But hey, you've got rocket boots!

Positive points

Now you may not all agree but I think the graphics were splendid: they were smooth yet wonderfully twisted. The little characters were cute yet also hilariously violent. In a game with many people, you will see blood flying around in a fantastic orchestra of violenceâ?Š it is truly a remarkable sight! Aside from the graphics, the gameplay is also spectacular; the controls are easy to master and very simple, as is the interface. Combine this simple gameplay with an arsenal of different weapons and you've got yourself one heck of an action game!

Did I mention weapons? There are quite a few at your disposal (18 to be precise) ranging from Desert Eagles to AK-47s. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, one weapon may wreak a lot of damage, but have a long reload time (and I don't need to tell you what the consequences of a long reload time are in an action game)

Soldat also supports six different game modes including Deathmatch, Pointmatch, Teammatch, Rambomatch, Capture the Flag and Infiltration.

Then last, but certainly not least, there are rocket boots! Rocket boots enable you to fly around the entire scene while shooting to your heart's contentâ?Š as will your opponents. The rocket boots enable fantastic fighting scenes that you won't find in a lot of other games.

The negative points

While the bots in Soldat are okay, to enjoy Soldat to its full extent you must play online. These online matches can be quite chaotic and thus difficult for the inexperienced player. However, this small problem can hardly be attributed to the game itself.

A small annoyance is that, since this game is in essence shareware, every time you start it up, you will be prompted with a window asking you to register Soldat for $9 and, until you register it, a few small options will be disabled. However, this does not interfere with the game itself.


With its six game modes, 26 built in maps and 18 different weapons Soldat ensures an exhilarating gore-fest for even the hardiest of warriors.


Review by: Michael Zymler

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11,7 MB
Multiplayer modes:
Age rating:
Lots of cartoon violence and gore
Safe for ages: 15+
Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
DirectX 8.1
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