Simple Tetris For Stroodles Simple Tetris For Stroodles
Made by: Andy Noble
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Excellent music,
Bright, colourful pieces
Screens are quite small

Simple Tetris For Stroodles is an addictive Tetris game made by Andy Noble.  He made it for his friend Stroodles in 2002 (hence the name Simple Tetris For Stroodles).  The idea is simple - build solid lines by moving and rotating pieces that fall down from the top.  The reality is much harder, as the pieces come in many different shapes.  You frequently get a 'wrong' piece that doesn't seem to fit anywhere, and you have to decide very quickly where to place it.  The pieces gradually get faster and faster, giving you less time to think.  When you successfully make a solid line (or lines), then that line disappears, and anything that was above it will fall down.  If your pieces reach the top of the screen, then it's Game Over. 


The game is controlled entirely by the keyboard, and it is very simple to control:

 Left & Right Arrow Keys -  Move Left & Right
 Down Arrow Key  - Move piece down faster
 Space Bar  - Rotate Piece


The graphics are very bright and cheerful.  Each piece is a different colour, and looks shiny.  I thought it was handy that the next piece to fall is shown at the top-centre, so you can plan in advance.  Your score is shown on the left, and the current level is shown on the right.  When you have managed to build a line, it disappears, and you see some stars flying around.  I thought that was a nice touch, as it encouraged you to build more lines.  Your playing area is nicely 'framed' by a pole on each side, but the screens themselves are rather small. 


The music for this game is brilliant.  It is very bubbly and cheerful, and makes the game fun to play.  I was impressed by the 'wooshy' sound as a solid line is completed. 


This is a lovely freeware version of Tetris, and you will find yourself coming back to it time and time again.  It's one of those 'Just One More Go' games, where you try to beat your own high-score.  The graphics are nice and colourful, and the music is a pleasure to listen to.  The screens are slightly small, but it is 'Simple Tetris', after all.  Why not download it and see what you think? 


Review by: Frodo

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