Secret Maryo Chronicles Secret Maryo Chronicles
Made by: FluXy, Boder, Enzakun, Consonance, Mancus Nemo
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Faithful Mario Platform game
Good graphics
Save Option
Weird Sound Effects

Although there are many Mario games out there from the classics that you may have experienced on the Nintendo systems, there is also many available as freeware around the net. What makes this Mario game stand out however is that its constantly in development, which means that this game continues to refine and tweak itself, this is not the stand alone version and thats it, the developers continue to make changes and additions which is something very excellent to see. Such as recently with the latest release, Mario can climb on vines and enemies can shoot out from pipes in all 4 directions. The Mario game itself, pretty much excellent in every way, its standard Mario platform action and its done effectively.

The game starts out no real story to speak of, but that really is not much of a concern if you have played past Mario games, which really never did have that deep of a story to begin with anyway. This game has decided to utilize the Super Mario World, environments. For such things as backgrounds and items that you will encounter, as well as the different enemies that you will face in the game.

Overall graphics are done very well, you can tell that there is a bit of grain here and there but overall its a good representation of the world that Mario is used to from his days gone by. Controls are effective and simple enough, nothing really hard to forget about them. Gamers who have not played a Mario game for awhile will probably take a few tries to get used to how Mario moves around in the world, while trying not to run into enemies, but it should not take most people too long to get used to the controls.

Sound wise the game does an interesting job, at first I thought there was no music, but later inspection revealed that you can download music for the game at the website. Be that as it may I myself have not heard it, so cant really comment on it. Sound effects on the other hand were a bit weird in my opinion. The classic sounds such as collecting coins and even hitting blocks are not present, but instead a different sound byte is used which was odd to hear. It really is not too big of a deal, but was just something I wished could have been present but really its so irrelevant its not a big deal.

Still if you have been looking for a Mario game to try out, this is the one that you should look for, as it continues to be updated and tweaked, so give it a try if you are a Mario fan.

Review by: DeathDude

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