Road Fighter Road Fighter
Made by: Brain Games
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Great remake from the original
Excellent music
Varied levels
The annoying pink cars
Having to restart after losing

With the open air around, the different environments just waiting to be passed on by with your car seems like there is not much time to enjoy it. Especially when you got many obstacles along the way as with most races. That's right different cars, the rails on the side of the road, rocks, oil slicks, are all present in this game. What we see here is a remake of the game Road Fighter, created by Konami in 1985 originally for the MSX, the game has been remade, and here it is as a result. In Road Fighter, you get a race across many lands until you reach the end of the line and the final victory that awaits you. A great conversion from the original, some great tunes that have been remixed, and some interesting levels make this game very interesting to check out.

Controls in the game are easy to learn. Accelerate or decelerate with the space bar and steer with the left and right buttons that is all you need to remember. If you wish, you can change the controls if you do not like the default setup and if you want to play with another friend you can in this game with it's split screen feature. The objective of the game is to race across each level without running out of fuel to get to the end of each level. You have a limited amount of fuel but you can collect more by collecting the pink hearts, I didn't know that fuel is supplied by pink hearts but apparently it is here. So anyway, you can lose fuel by driving, crashing and starting to accelerate again. So, watch out for the cars, walls and more as you try to make it to the end without seeing the dreaded words that will haunt you, out of fuel.

In terms of the actual conversion, the game looks polished all around. From the updated graphics that really look good I thought, even when in motion, to the different environments and scenery that you will see in your drive across the many different lands. From the beach, to a bridge, and an area with winter already in season, you will see much on your journey. The music as well has been remixed from the original tracks, and is sounding excellent. Really adds to the whole speed and action of the game I thought and they fit perfectly with the game I thought. The levels themselves are packed with every possible danger you can imagine. Bad drivers, cars trying to run you off the road, oil slicks, barriers that explode your car upon impact, it is all there. So you have to drive your best, get your reflexes set and remember don't crash!

This brings me to one of the particular cars, the pink one. This very annoying car will try to ram you off the road and you can imagine when you are close to the end, with not much fuel and this is very annoying. Part of the game and not deducting points but still watch out for this deadly car, and stay alert. Which brings me to my next point, as the game is a remake of the original, you can imagine it comes complete with one life and that's it idea. If you run out of fuel in say level four, well then have fun starting from level one again, a save would have been nice, but since it's a remake that's fine and really just adds to the challenge.

Still this was an entertaining game and was challenging, so give it a shot, and see if you can make it to the end. It's called Road Fighter, see it for yourself.

Review by: DeathDude

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