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Excellent graphics
Good music/sound
Hard enemy AI
Too dark in some areas

Welcome to a futuristic world full of danger and darkness. That is much the premise of this title, but with a twist, using the knowledge of time travel to aid in your journey, you can accomplish different tasks therefore, how so? Read on and you shall find out.


There really is no story to this game, the goal though is quite simple, and make your way through different levels, using time travel to aid you. Time travel you say? Crazy talk, well no longer is it a crazy notion! You see there are some areas, where you will be able to use time travel technology. The idea would be that your past self could help you in battle or perhaps to help you open up a door that requires it to be held for a bit of time. So using this idea, you can really do some interesting things with your past self, who could help you out in fighting and such, it's an innovative idea, since it's not seen much.


Graphically the game excels, the visuals are very nice, it gives it a nice presentation of the world, with the environments looking nice and the robots looking good as well, very nicely done I thought. Musically and sound wise too the game does a nice job, the music is nice and doesn't distract you, as is the sound that is used when firing a weapon and opening a door. The sound effects sound like they should, but with that future touch.


The annoying thing you probably will encounter is the tough enemy AI, the robots have great aim when you get in a firefight, if you try going into a room guns a blazing, you will be dead fast. This can be annoying because also the game lacks a save game feature, so if you die in say level 2 you have to restart back in level 1. Also, some of the environments are a bit dark, but you can just up the brightness on your monitor to correct that.


All and all this is a very fun first person shooter that really uses a unique concept that is rarely seen in this genre.  It makes for a fun play when your trying to work with you're past alter ego, to get through a specific area, if your in for some challenge look at Retrospect to fit the bill.

Review by: DeathDude

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Windows (DirectX 7)
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